App Development

iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Desktop

My team and I have developed several full featured apps – both standalone mobile and integrated desktop apps. We generally advise a stack built on React Native, due to its ability to scale easily and publish on iOS, Android, and desktop without major modifications. These apps can be configured to meet virtually any workflow or management requirements. Please reach out if you have any questions!

900k users - 4.5 stars - 25k Reviews

Full web and mobile app. Integrations to credit reporting agencies, Plaid financial institution integrations, advanced security, custom back-end dashboard for easy management, scalable infrastructure and database development.

9k users - 4.6 stars - 100+ Reviews

Luxury private plane travel app, advanced route planning, custom dashboards, seat requests, adaptive pricing with travel network integration (GDS), notifications, and real-time requests/support system.

500k users - 4.5 stars - 20k Reviews

Mental well-being app with daily activity scheduling, advanced reporting, native Zoom video integration, full member forums and social app features.

350k users - 4.8 stars - 50k Reviews

Full featured running app with tracking, advanced maps and route planning integrations, location services, notifications/reminders, planning, and more

10k users - 4.2 stars - 165 Reviews

Simple budgeting app and digital checkbook with full integrations with banking institutions, real-time bill tracking, upcoming charge warnings, fee notifications, and fraud alerts.